From the simplest to the most complex, temperature sensors must guarantee the same quality as they always play a key role.

For this reason, Thermo Engineering has chosen to constantly monitor its production process with a dedicated software. Every operator has a touch screen monitor used to record all the operations performed, including:

  • kit preparation from the Automated Warehouse
  • Production cycle
  • Production of mechanical parts using CNC machine tools
  • Different welding technologies: Laser welding, Plasma welding, Capacitive spot welding
  • Identification of each sensor by production batch and product code, with indelible laser marking
  • Standard-required final testing of 100% of products

We perform laboratory tests including sensor calibration to compare to SIT calibrated sensors as well as response speed and dielectric strength tests. We prepare suitable packaging for all modes of transport.

The full traceability of each production phase allows customers to query the progress of any order in a reserved area of our website.

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