THERMO ENGINEERING temperature sensors for the aeronautic sector are robust, quality, reliable and precise. These sensors survive extreme working conditions. All these characteristics were acquired over many years of experience.

This is the success of our temperature sensors, and the result of our ability to work in close contact with our clients to ensure compliance with specific operating requirements, both with attention to detail with solid and established production processes and technologies.

Thermo Engineering produces sensors used in various applications in the aerospace industry. All these parts were qualified in many military and aerospace programs to the environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810.

Thermo Engineering can offer customised functionalities that can improve the life of the product, reliability and even reduce costs.

The information and the photos that follow show the basic specifications, physical configurations and the applications of the sensors.

For this sector, we have available temperature sensors for oil, air and brake control, thermocouples type “K”, “J”, “T” with special tolerance classification, resistance thermometers Pt 100, 500,1000, Ni 100 with tolerance class A, B, 1/3 din, 1/5 din, 1/10 din and thermistors PTC and NTC.


Temperature sensors for bearings


Temperature sensor for brakes


Temperature sensor for oil


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