The multi-point temperature profile sensors measure temperature at different points along their entire length and are often used in the chemical and petrochemical industry as they offer an excellent temperature profile of the chemical reactors, catalytic cracking systems and fractionating columns and represent the most efficient solution in terms of cost, maintenance and data acquisition.

The multi-point sensors allow, with single penetration of the tubing, reading a large number of points which can be assessed to provide a complete temperature profile of the column, the tank and the reactor.

The multi-point sensors improve monitoring and control of the reaction process in the chemical reactors, a critical parameter is the working temperature control, a multi-point is capable of measuring the temperature profile inside the reaction tubing.

By monitoring the temperature profile, the reagents flow and the cooling liquid can be controlled to maximise the process yield and the efficiency of the reaction, high local resolution is also required of the temperature profile to guarantee the hot point does not reach the maximum temperature of the process permitted.

In the event of distillation of the crude oil processes, the crude oil is heated and sent to the distillation column, where a considerable temperature gradient is maintained (high at the bottom, lower on top), inside the column the crude oil is separated in components or fractions based on the weight and the boiling point.

You can use the multi-point sensors to monitor the temperature of these threshold points and therefore check the temperature profile of the distillation column.


Multi-point temperature sensor for industrial use


Multi-point temperature sensor for laboratory use

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