The 100% reliability is required by our naval sector clients. Our response is to design and manufacture sensors engineered to work in the most extreme conditions. We subject our temperature sensors to extensive laboratory testing in terms of vibrations, knocks, thermal cycles, response speed, calibration control and duration testing in accordance with international standards in force for the naval sector.

We also have a vast range including a complete series of RINA certified sensors.

Temperature sensor manufacturing in THERMO ENGINEERING is based on decades of international experience, also in the maritime, aerospace and oil & gas sector, without a doubt one of the most hostile industrial environments. Also in these demanding sectors our products can be trusted because they are long lasting thanks to their robust structure.

A ship mostly includes applications found on the ground, only concentrated in a limited space. The applications range from water drainage to exhaust gas treatment, even if THERMO ENGINEERING has products suitable for many of these applications, we are concentrating on the material inside and around the machinery room and system propulsion.


Exhaust gas temperature sensor


Temperature sensor for diesel engines


R.I.NA. certified temperature sensors


Bearing box temperature sensor

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