The wells are widely used in the energy, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

They can be used to protect temperature indicators and sensors from process fluids, high pressure and flow speed, allowing maintenance and replacement of the sensors without any need to stop the system.

THERMO ENGINEERING wells are designed to meet the standards established by BSI, DIN, ASME, and the company standards supported by BP, Shell, SNAM etc.

Considering the endless application possibilities, there is a vast quantity of variants in execution and materials for thermowells, the type of coupling to the process and the basic manufacturing method are important differentiation criteria in use.

For more demanding working conditions, THERMO ENGINEERING wells are available both manufactured with a tube or bar or forged. The various offers differ mainly in the machining: flanged, threaded or welded. Furthermore, the thermowells are available in Van Stone and with coupling for hygiene-sanitary applications.

Each well obtained from a bar is verified with software to a Von-Karman calculation spreadsheet certified in accordance with ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2016.

The choice of material and manufacture to specific client requirements guarantee excellent probe protection. Other than precise measurements, the NACE standards are met, to MR-01-75 requirements, providing complete certification of the suppliers' original materials.


Threaded tube thermowell


Flanged tube thermowell


Threaded bar thermowell


Flanged bar thermowell


Vanstone thermowell


Full-penetration thermowell


High speed thermowell with collar


Helical thermowell

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